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Am i the only one who feels srsly bad after failing this game?=( sadly had the lagg problems aswell, and now i actually feel kinda bad bout it=/ Great game though=)

Sweet game

Its fun, rly. Just pls add a possibilitie to buy all stocks of some ressource, like shift->klick for example, or atleast put an exact amount. tried to buy all the stuff needed for the keep, even using my G15 hotkeys i still didnt managed to get 500. So, it would be a great addition (for example an extra button that determines howmuch u buy, 1 5x or 10x, sth like that)


Well its a good game, im enjoying it=) Its pretty easy to beat it though. with the right tactic u can just spam the next wave button ... I wont tell much bout poison splash and sniper ftw. Good game, I like it regardless what others onhere say^^So continue on (if its a ripoff or not.. i dont rly care, since I enjoyed it)

70+ mil

great game for the time between. btw. managed to get 79 million points in 1 minute sth.. top speed 290 sth. even managed to bug myself with 400+(gameover xD) its funny but needs to undergo a few bug fixes containing to high attitufe and speed. dont max speed though the more he better^^.



good game.. but it badlyannoys that the units dont do what u want. the move option is totally useless and that black goblins just sick

nice game:D

494k feet far and 95k feet high(luckxD) , I so wanna beat that damn 1million !

listen my song :D

9-0---0---0---0---1---1---3---1---4-5 -4-9---2--5-2-3--09-9----------------
-03-0--3-1---3-1---4-5-4-a-9-1--2-2-3 -031-a---------------------------

i know this game kinda long now and was bored, whatya all think bout it?x3
i like this game though:D

Very Touching

It rly is a sad story that gets told there... It pretty well shows howmuch effort you need to put yourself in to get over problems and obstacles all by yourself. I understand that pretty well, since im pretty much alone myself. I actually started to hope for him getting better, but thats how life goes I assume, the good things often only exist in our hopes and mind.
Good work though, looking forward for more things like this.

120 years old

Hell yeahx3 uess I still have some time left.
Taking life relaxxed rly helps alot

It rly is a nice game, good work^^

A overview at the end would make it nicer though

Epic Game:D!

Epic Game, even though i sorta miss some more moves, but the rest roxx:D

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